Ever tried surface water fishing? You do not know what an experience you are missing. Top water lures are real thrillers as they lie seemingly harmless but once they are attacked from underneath they give the excitement that every angler wants. You have a variety to choose from in terms of shapes, designs and other preferences that you want in your bass baits.

Common types of top water bass fishing baits

Here are the rich varieties of top water baits that you can choose for your bass fishing adventure:

· Buzzbaits: they are close to spinnerbaits but these ones are for surface fishing. They are best in grass and submerging weeds. For the abundant catch use them at the middle of spring to mid-fall seasons when the water temperature is as high as 65 degrees.

· Poppers: their popping and grudging sound is what draws bass to them. They should not be left to lie on the water for long since they lose their clarity. You have to regularly pop them in and out of the water in frequent successions.

· Jerkbaits: their versatility in different fishing conditions has kept them a top priority among many bass fishermen. They will be at their top performance both in clear and dingy water.

· Stickbaits: they are popularly referred to as “walking baits” since they do not have their own action. It will take the skills of a fisherman to make them perform manoeuvres to lure bass into biting them.

topwater lures for bass

Where to use top water lures

Best baits for bass will be used in varying conditions. The same goes for top water bass fishing lures. These are the best places to use these kinds of baits;

· Calm water: a popper’s noise will stir bass to move towards still water at the top. They are not particularly noisy but they are effective in luring bass to clear top water.

· Warmer conditions: in warm water, bass tend to cling to the surface. This is the time to use floating baits and you will have countless bites.

· Schooling bass: bass are social fish and will tend to flock together especially near water surface. Top water bass fishing lures are the best pick to incite the school to attack. They cover a large area and you do not have to worry about the bait staying in one position for long.

Quick tips on how to use top water bass baits

There is no formula to becoming a good angler but learning a few bait tricks makes a lot of difference. With top water bass baits, these tips will bring the best even for a first time fisherman;

· Quieter baits are the best in clear water. It is easier to disguise the lure and attract quick bass bites.

· No-action lures like the Stickbaits are the best for surface fishing. They can lie in one place for long and attract frequent attacks.

· It is advisable to have follow-up baits once you miss an attack. Bass never run away from potential food.

The difference between a successful angler and one who struggles to catch one fish is how best they choose their best baits for bass. Know when to use the top water bait and you will always love your experience every time you go fishing.


Top water lures for bass fishing bait

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