It is beyond me to tell you how to become a better angler but the only thing would be to tell you the best bass lure to have and the rest is upon you. It is important as beginner that you know how to hit out the water and come back with a bucket full of bass. Ever gone for Jigs fishing? Well, this is simply using jigs bass baits. There is a tale that jigs are the long-time used bass baits and if you try them you may come to understand such an argument.

Why are jigs considered among the best bass baits?

Fishermen like adventuring into new waters and it would also be in their nature to try new kinds of baits. The jigs have been long used by anglers and their returns have never disappointed. One would ask why that is so;

  • They are good for the big game: there is a popular saying that if you want a bigger bass then you just jig it. There is a lot of truth in this since jig lures are some of the best for big fish.
  • A rich variety: fishing grounds and conditions change with time. You need an adaptable bass lure to keep pace with the variance. A jig would be the best bet on this one.
  • Ease of use: you do not need an expert to show you how to use a jig. It is easy and you will be the best angler you ever wanted to be in a short while.

Basics to using jigs bass baits

The first thing you should know about this versatile bass bait is that it is the dropping kind. It is thus suitable for both deep and shallow fishing. It can trap a bass as it goes down or get it once it settles at the bottom. The best depth is between 0-6 feet since this is where you will get most of the bass. But do not be worried that you have not jigged something on your way; you can still have your fortune at the bottom. For shallow fishing, you cast the bait close to you while the deeper fishing will require you to cast it far away from you so as not to give away your position. Another important thing is to know how it feels when your jig is dropped, when it hits the bottom or when it is lifting from the bottom. These are skills that you will learn on the job.

Types of jigs to choose from

As said earlier, the jigs come in a rich variety and you will be spoiled for choice. But here is the top 3 types that should be in your bass fishing accessories;

  • Swimming jigs: these are designed to a swimming like figure and bass will be tempted to attack. They look like a small aquatic organism escaping danger and that is what dupes the fish.’
  • Football jigging: they have a football-like knot at their end. They are the best bass bait for the deep water.
  • Arkey power jigs: they are made in the shape of a T-spinnerbait. They are light and thus suitable for shallow conditions.

The A-Z about Jigs Bass fishing baits

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