If you have been stuck with other bass fishing lures, it is time you try the swimbaits and they may become you favorite. They are easy to use, suitable for many conditions and will give you a big catch.

When and where to use fishing Swimbaits

The versatility of these bass lures makes them suitable in a myriad of conditions. You can use them in dirty and dingy water as well as in clear water. The only place you will face some limitations is in muddy situations but it is not anything you need to be worried about. You can also use it for shallow fishing and go as deep as 50 feet. In a nutshell, you have your fishing needs covered in this one of the best bass fishing baits. On the temperature of fishing grounds, these bass lures will be excellent in cold water but not as good as in warm water. There is never a bad time or place to use the swimbait and your catch will always be a generous one.

Tips on how to effective use swimbait

There is no way you will be taught how to be a better angler but a few tips on how to use your lures will go a long way to sharpen your skills. Here are a few tips that will give you an edge every other time you go out for fishing;

  • The weight of your bass lures should be matched to the fishing conditions. For instance, if you want to get to the shallow fish then your bait has to sink slowly and you will need lighter baits. For the deeper fish you will need your bait to sink faster and thus your lure should be heavier.
  • If you want your catch to increase, you should cast your baits on windy and partly cloudy days. The fish can never locate you and the cloudy weather will hide the silhouette of your baits.
  • If you are going for the bigger bass then your bait has to match that size. An 8 feet swimbait length with a strong reel should be adequate to trap any size of a bass.

2 major types of swimbaits

There are generally 2 types of this kind of baits. You can choose any of them depending on your fishing conditions. They work in the same way but there is a slight variance that makes a difference;

  • Soft swimbaits: they are supposed to be dropped slowly into the water and the same care should be taken as you reel them back to the boat. They do not have snagging hooks as it is with the hard types and they are cast near your location. They come in different sizes and it depends on the size of fish you want. Anyway, the size is not of much concern so you can ignore it.
  • Hard swimbaits: they are made in segments as many as 6. They come in different buoyancies which can be machine-created or handcrafted. They are cast far away from you and their drop and retrieve speed is faster than the soft kinds.

Swimbaits for bass fishing: how, when and where to use them

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