For any professional angler who wants a fuller basket at the end of the day, jerkbaits will be his closest tools. They are one of the most preferred artificial bass fishing lure and having it by your side may be a reason to bring home good loot all the year round. But as you know, having the best bait for bass is not an assurance to plenty of fish, you have to know how to use it at the appropriate conditions. Jerkbait, just like all the bass baits has a way with the water and this knowledge marks a difference between a successful angler and a failed one.

Jerkbait basics

Any bass fishing lure will not be effective unless you know how to put it into the best use. You have to get all the basics for your bait and your experience will be a tale of plenty and happiness. So, what should know about these exceptional bass baits?

  • These baits are built to be struck from below. That is the reason they do not have a hook on the lure. They are the horizontal kind and you should be aware of the depth you want them to go. It is therefore the best bait for shallow conditions but that does not mean it cannot be designed for deep water adventures.
  • The Jerkbait design is one of a reaction lure. They trigger bass to their trap and then react. The action jerk is the one that stirs the water thus attracting fish from the long range.
  • Adding rattles and bright colors will make your bait more effective. It will be able to cause ripple in the water and the bright color will make it visible from a far.

Popular types of jerkbaits

  • Rod vs reel baits: there is always a hot debate on whether best bait for bass should be on spinning gear or a caster of baits. The answer to this debate will vary from one angler to another. However, the better of the two is the caster baits. These kinds cover a larger ground and you do not have to keep changing your hand as it is with the reeling type.
  • Soft vs hard baits: you have either the choice of a hard or soft Jerkbait. It depends on where you are going to fish before you make your final choice. The better part is that each of the 2 types is versatile and you can use it both in deep and shallow water.
  • Diving rouges: if you are planning on a deeper jerking then this is the best bass fishing bait to bring you a fortune. It sinks and floats easily depending on how you float it.

There is no better way to go for bass fishing than with bait that promise a plentiful day. The jerkbaits have been used for ages and their modern modifications make them a better choice whether you are fishing for sport or making a livelihood from it. Choose your bait today and see how your fishing expeditions will change for the best. Have a bountiful day!

Get to know jerkbaits for bass

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