Those who fish for spot know the versatility of crankbaits and that is why they never miss it by their sides. It is the kind of a companion you would want for your bass fishing expedition. Here is all that you would want to know about this must-have fish bait;

Types of crankbaits

Experienced anglers know what a weapon a crankbait is and how to choose the best type for their needs. As much as there are different types to make your pick from, the working principle is always the same. Here are some kinds that you should have in your boat as you go out for fishing,

  • Hand-curved baits: computer technology has replaced the conventional baits but not to its entirety. Hand-curved baits are still popular and effective among a considerable share of fishermen. To make them more effective, the baits are designed with computerized equipment.
  • Clun-square bill crankbait: these are made from hard plastic and their buoyancy is something you will like. It is a perfect bass lure that will be an assurance to a bountiful bucket of fish.
  • Square bill crankbaits: this is shallow-based bass bait and will make a lethal kill as long as you know where and when to place it.

Advantages of crankbaits over the other types

These bass baits have not earned a favorite spot among professional competing fishermen for the mere sake of it. They come with advantages over the other kinds;

  • They cover a vast quantity of water for deep divers. For 10-20 feet, this is the best bass lure you should take down with you.
  • Their protruding ‘lips’ feature makes them sink beneath the surface when you try to retrieve them. This is an effective trick for the fish.
  • They have built-in action for easy cranking

Tips for using crankbaits

If you hear someone complaining of how they never get a single bass with their crank lures then you should understand that they do not know how to use it. Do not fall into this group as you can get the best experience and massive fish loot with this bass bait. These tips will be of much help once you are out there fishing;

  • The sharpness of your bait is of essence. Many anglers will have their baits sharp at all times. It is a guarantee of hitting your target without any miss.
  • Erratic retrieve is the best. You just have to let the bait for bass run to the right and move your line to the left and vice versa.
  • The depth of your bait is far more important than color. There are those who will never be bothered with how low or shallow their bass bait should run. You need to master the precise depth of your bait since this is a determinant to how successful your day on the water will be.
  • You will need larger baits on the onset of the spring season. You can make it smaller as the season wears on.
  • Crankbaits are more effective in drop offs with varying length of ledge, muddy water and around stumps and rocks.

As long as you have a perfect bass lure, your promise for a full bucket is assured. You need to become better with your crankbaits and all the bass will be at your mercy.


Choosing crankbaits for bass

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