Chatterbait For Bass Fishing

The Chatterbait is undoubtedly among the most effective and unique fish catching lures that have been introduced to the market in recent times. It is essentially a bladed jig. The blade is the secret to the effectiveness of the Chatterbait. It is mostly used to cast out and then reel in, this is why it is referred to as the constant retrieve bass lures. It usually delivers in most occasions because of its versatility in fishing applications. An individual can fish it like a spinnerbait, a jig or even a lipless rattle crank bait. On retrieve, the blade is known to give off a clicking sound as well as exemplary vibration. The clicking sound and good vibration happen to be the most essential ingredients for fishing in dirty muddy water.

Chatterbait secrets

The following are some of the secrets of fishing bass with the ideal bass baits i.e. Chatterbait:

Trailers – The ideal trailers to use are Gene Larew Biffle Bug, Gene Larew 4in Salt Craw and Gene Larew Sweet Swimmer. They can be attached to the hook using the gel version of Super Glue. Swimbait trailers are good to use with chatterbaits. Trailers improve the profile of chatterbaits and positively affect their performance. They also contribute to the vibration. Lastly, they contribute to the weight of the rig in cases where casting is a challenge.

Sizes and colors – The Green Pumpkin Chatterbait with a black blade in a 3/8 ounce is arguably the most popular and effective for that matter. The 1/4 ounce is ideal for shallow water while the 1/2 ounce for deep water.

Weather – It is advisable to go slower on the retrieve in colder weather as the fish are less active.

Fishing – On locating a strike zone, the bass lures should be retrieved as parallel to the shore as possible. Time at the strike/target zone should be maximized.

How to use it for bass fishing

The Chatterbait can be used for bass fishing in several ways. The following are some of the ways that an individual can explore the bass baits called Chatterbait with regard to bass fishing:
Tip 1:
When the Chatterbait is being used as a jig, the weight size should be given due consideration. The most effective sizes range between 3/8 oz and 5/8 oz. The color choice should lean towards darker colors such as green pumpkin, pumpkin, black/blue or brown/orange. These are the darker colors that are considered to be quite effective. The retrieve utilized should closely resemble the retrieve of a jig that is used normally. The weed guard model is ideal for heavy cover but the standard swim jig can successfully substitute it.

Tip 2
The Chatterbait can also be worked as a spinnerbait. It can be slow rolled and retrieved at a constant medium retrieve or an individual can burn it by using a fast retrieve. The major advantage of the Chatterbait is that one does not have to be exemplary in using it so as to catch fish. A majority of fishermen utilize a standard cast and retrieve and manage to achieve excellent results.

Tip 3
The Chatterbait can also be worked as a swim jig. However, it should not be confused with other swim jigs as its blade is directly attached to the eye of the hook. The blade is designed in such a way that it wobbles to and fro while striking the head of the Chatterbait. This creates 2 things that attract fish, the clattering sound and the erratic wobbling action. The close the head and the bass baits are, the more enhanced the action will be.

Tip 4
Everything depends on the retrieve. The Chatterbait’s blade to head design will cause it to come straight back in and erratically veer off course when retrieved. The instant darting action is a good strike getter. An ideal tip on retrieving a Chatterbait is every four or five turns of the reel handle interrupt the speed by which the retrieve is being done by quickly speeding up. This is what will result in the swim jig darting either right or left to produce a more erratic action.

The above insightful information vividly explains why bass lures called chatterbaits are often used for purposes of freshwater bass fishing and how to maximize on catches when utilizing the popular bass fishing lure. Their main strength lies in the variety of ways by which they can be retrieved and it goes without saying that versatility is the only thing in fishing.


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