What you should know when choosing rubber worms for bass fishing bait

Have you ever wondered why each tackle shop has a massive stock for rubber worms? The answer is simple; they are the best bass fishing lures. They are actually more efficient than live baits! But that is not all that makes them best bait for bass. They are the least expensive of the baiting types you will get in the markets. Besides, rubber worm baits are also suitable for both shallow and deep fishing.

But just knowing the right kind of bait will not bring you fishing success. You need to learn a few things on how to make your bait choices. It is important that you know what you should look for in your worm baits. Not every water or conditions will be successful with the same kind of worm bait, so you have to know the considerations in your choices.

Considerations when choosing rubber worm baits

It is true that rubber worms are the best bass fishing lures but you will not just go for any rubber worm. You have to consider the water and other conditions on your fishing grounds. Here are 4 factors that determine what kind of a plastic worm you will have as your bass bait;

  • Weight: the weight of your bait will make it sink faster or slow it down. The rule of the thump is that baits that sink faster are better disguise and bass will fall for the trick. Add more weight to your bait and yours will always be a full bucket of fish.
  • Color: the color of the worms you are using will depend on the water you are planning to venture into and that is why it is popularly said “match the hatch”. For stained or dark water, you will need baits in lighter colors. They will be easy to spot and that is an attribute for the best bait for bass. On the other hand, in clear water you will need a dark hue for the bait. Natural colors are the best for these situations.
  • Tailed or not tailed: you should be aware of where you are going fishing before you pick your worm baits. The water and surrounding conditions may necessitate that you make a choice between tailed or non-tailed worm baits. In clear conditions you will not need the worms with tails; they will be too obvious to dupe the fish. You will need tailed worms for dark, stained and warm water.
  • Size of the bait: sometimes size is not a prerequisite to your bass fishing. But that does not mean under varying conditions you shouldn’t be worried on the sizes of your baits. For stained water you will need bigger baits to make them more visible. In clear conditions the smaller sizes are better since they can easily pass as real worms.

If you were wondering why every successful bass angler uses the plastic worm baits, now you have an answer. It is time to make the change and bring more from your fishing expeditions. There is no better secret than having the best bait for bass and now you have that knowledge.

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