It is no secret that buzzbaits for bass are the most underrated bass fishing lures. The problem is that many anglers do not know how to use them and they choose to stick with the ways they know. However, using the bait appropriately makes it a lethal bass lure and you will never come home with an empty bucket.

Types of buzzbaits for bass

You will not walk into any fishing accessories store and grab any buzzbait and start to count your better fishing days. There is a lot to know about the types of the baits so as to ensure that you get the right one for the kind of fishing conditions you will be going to. Here are 3 types that should be in your list of consideration;

  • Single blade buzz lure: These are the oldest kind of the buzzing bass baits. They can only trap the fish from one side of the blade hence not the best choice.
  • Multiple blade buzzbait: these have blade within a blade. They can trap fish from multiple points hence ideal for a hefty catch.
  • Spook buzzbait: this one will need you to hold down the rod and twitch it at the same time. It will take you sometime to master the skills but once you do you are assured of a generous bass catch.

How to use buzzbaits

Buzzbaits are best used in shallow water so if you are heading to deeper conditions then you need to reconsider your choice of lures. The best way is to cast them close to the surface and they will cover a larger area than when you have them deeper into the water. The strikes on the fish are sudden and you have to be ready when it happens. The best time to use them is when winter comes to a close as bass will be forced to come to shallow water searching for prey.

Tips to catch more bass with buzzbaits

There are anglers who never consider the buzz kind of baits for their fishing but if they knew how lethal a bait this is then their scepticism would be put to rest. If you want to get the best out of your buzz lure, here are tips to guide you;

  • Buzzbait with gears is better: many anglers just throw in their lures into the water without the thought of retrieval speed and cadence. Gears on your bait give the speed and suitability to the water environment.
  • Cast in one place more times: bass are social fish and tend to be in groups. If you cast your lure for the first time and catch one, do it again at the same place.
  • Use bright colors for murky and stained water: just like with other baits, the buzzing kind has to be conspicuous in dirty water. You can also make the bait larger for easy visibility.
  • Night time is the best: at night, bass tend to move to shallow water in chase for superficial prey. This is the time your buzzbait has the best chance for bigger loot.
All you should know about buzzbaits for bass

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