After rubber worms, spinnerbaits are the most productive and versatile bass lures that will bring the loot to you without much of a hassle. Still, you are assured of a hefty catch if your choice of bait can suit all conditions whether hot or cold, deep or shallow. Anglers know that when fall shad is at the onset the better chance of bigger bass lies with the spinnerbaits. It gives you a multiple of flooding skills and bass lure. For many, it is easy to overlook the classic appeal of this lure to go for contemporary options but having one is a sure promise of quality and quantity of your catch.

That’s much said of this bass lure but do you know how to use it or the designs you can choose from? Let that not bother you for here is all you need to know about spinnerbaits.

The working of a spinnerbait

A spinnerbait works best as contact lures. They serve you best when used with slow or medium retrieves as opposed to worms where the speed of retrieve is super-fast. Once the bait touches the water, you should give it a light pop to set the blades in motion. It should be kept close to the surface where you can see it. But the truth is that there is no ‘better’ way to use this bait. You should experiment with a number of varying retrieves and stick with the one that works best for you.

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Different spinnerbait designs

Just like any other bait for bass, the spinner type will suit in different conditions. There are 3 major designs that will give you a chance to fish all-year round whether shallow or deep surface;

  • Twin spin: this is specifically meant for a drop-bait or if you want to fish from the deeper bottom. It may not be the best of choices if you are going to shallow water.
  • Short-arm: the wire arm of this kind is short. It can be used in varying conditions but it is at its best for helicoptering from the ledges.
  • Long-arm: this one has a long wire arm making it the best fishing bait option in bushy and grass-covered grounds.

Spinnerbait tips

You may not be as successful as you wish with the spinners on your first trials. It comes with experience. To get the success you want faster, here are tips that will come in handy with this bass bait;

  • Spinnerbaits are best for spring. They are suitable for cold weather but will not be a total flop during other seasons.
  • Do not forget to attach some red spot on the head; it makes it easy for the bass to fall for the trap.
  • If you are fishing during the day, go for light colors like chartreuse and white. They are good for disguise.
  • They work best with underhand presentation
  • Carry a variety of designs so as to change them as the conditions change

When you feel like not using the worms, now you know the next best alternative. Spinnerbaits will bring a fuller bucket. That’s not all; they also make your fishing experience enjoyable and you will always be yearning for the next fishing trip.

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All about spinnerbaits for bass fishing

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