Best Bass Lures – Best Bait for Bass Fishing

Bass fishing baits vary according to various circumstances like water temperature and the conditions around your fishing zone. Having the best bass fishing lures will enable you bag a desirable amount of bass. Choosing exactly which bait to use may be difficult but here are varieties of the best bass fishing lures that catch the most bass.

bass bait for bass

Crankbaits – best bass lures

The crankbaits resemble the crawfish and the bait fish that are the favorite foods for the bass. They are the best bass baits when it comes to deep water fishing. They vary in size, type and color and you can get the one that fits your fishing area. They can work in most kinds of water and they are able to cover any depth of water from the top to the deepest end. We recommend to try this Suttons Bay Outfitters Minnow Rattling Vibrating Hard Lure Crank Bait 10 Pack.

  1. In clear water lakes, use natural colors because they can easily be spotted by a bass and in stained water you need the colored crank baits that are visible. Read more….  crankbaits

    Rubber worms – bass fishing lures

The rubber worm is one of the best bass fishing bait for catching a bass because it is quite attractive. The soft plastic worm is tender and life-like and it seems just as a natural worm in the bass’s mouth. One of the favorites is Zoom Bait Finesse Worm Bait-Pack of 20 (Gourd Green, 4.75-Inch) and this one is also high rated Yamamoto Senko 5″ , Baby Bass.

These rubber worms are different in color, size and you can choose the one that works best for you depending on your fishing zone. You can get a soft plastic 10 inches long that can enable you fish in deep ends. Read more…..

rubber worms bass fishing lure

Top water Lures – bass lures

Using top water lures is quite fun and exciting. If you want great pleasure while fishing, it is the best bass fishing lure that will give you a fulfilling experience. They are meant to ripple the water surface and cause popping sounds while you wait to hit their target. They have a cupped lip that produces the popping sound that is recognizable by the bass. The bass will get out of the water trying to reach for the bait and angler gets the pleasure to watch it engulfing the bait. One of the most recommended is Lot 5pcs 9g 7cm Fishing Topwater Floating Popper Poper Lure Hooks Bait Crankbait.
These water lures come in different colors mostly those that look alike to the favorite foods of the bass like frogs, mice, insects and minnows. Read more….

topwater bass fishing baits

Jig and pig – best bait for bass

This is one of the best bass lure since it can catch the biggest of the prey. It is the most favorable to the top fishermen when it comes to tournaments. It is usually made of a lead head jig that has a big hook covered with hair or a rubber skirt. Our recommendation goes to BOOYAH Boo Jig – Watermelon Pumpkin – 1/2 oz.
When it is kept on the bottom, it seems like a craw fish that is a favorite meal for the bass. With jig and pig, you can catch a lot of bass but the fishing exercise is slow and it is not easy to cover water quickly. Read more…..

jig best bass fishing bait

Spinner baits – best lures for bass

If you want to quickly cover a large area of water, spinner baits may be the best bass fishing lures for you. They are made with an outstanding shape that makes them dive very quickly deep beneath the water surface. Maybe the best choice would be the Strike King Bleeding Bait Mini-King Spinnerbait (Bleeding Chartreuse, 0.125-Ounce).
Due to the high speed that the spinner baits get into the water, its blades rotate furiously which triggers water movement that can be felt by the bass. Catching the smaller basses builds your confidence in spinner bait fishing. Read more….

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6 Bass fishing tips

As you gain more bass fishing hours under your belt, the aptitude of knowing what do under different circumstances comes by reflex. Of course by now you may know how to choose the best bass fishing lures but that is not only what you need to get a full basket. You still need bass fishing tips on how, when, and what to use in your fishing. It does not have to be a full day hassle and yet bring home an empty bucket. To give you the best experience out there, here are 6 bass fishing tips:

  1. Make your lures seasonal

You probably think that you have the best bait for bass fishing and that is what you use every season. You are wrong on that one. Bass eat different foods during different seasons. For instance, during winter colored foods like crawfish would be the best bass lures. Come summer and fall then you have to change it to silver and chrome baits.

  1. The bait size does not matter

As long as you have the best bait for bass fishing do not bother about the size. Whether it is large or small bait, it will lure your prey into the trap. A large-mouth bass will go for anything between 25-50% of its body length. If you think your bait size is limiting your catch then alternate it as you wish.

  1. During spring, fish shallow

When spring comes, bass like to spend most of their time in spawning beds. These are shallow water ends and your chances for getting a massive catch are high. They will hide in the coves and pockets protecting their eggs. They will be fierce and hungry thus biting your lure on the first sight.

  1. Use red to fool the fish

Best bass lures tend to be the ones with red shades. In that case, use spinner baits with pink or red heads. The fish will think that the bait is injured and thus bite instantly. It is a trick that works and you will never complain of a mean fishing day.

  1. Always face the wind

Cast your baits some distance from your fishing boat and ensure that you are facing the wind. Bass have the tendency to swim with the current and they should find your baits before getting to your boat. This will perfectly conceal your position and more of the fish will keep coming. The splashing of water on your hull will completely hide your position which is a good thing.

  1. The color of your livewell water will help

Many anglers will keep looking at the color of the water where they are keeping their catch. Bass are notoriously known for spitting what they were feeding. From there it becomes easy for you as you will only have to keep using the same bait for the entire day.

Now put on your gear and be assured of a basketful as you take advantage of these effective bass fishing tips. You will have the experience of a lifetime and bring back enough to last for day. Happy bass fishing!